Thank you @kajarno !!

Kaj Arno, the VP Community Relations of MySQL, quits Oracle at the end of last month.
I met him few times when he came to Japan. I remember our first self introductions, saying "Hi, I'm Kaj." "Hi, I'm Kei!".

I'm a member of MyNA(MySQL Nippon Association = MySQL user group in Japan), so I often have oppotunities to describe the good point of MySQL - Why MySQL? Can you be happy with MySQL? etc.
Kaj's presentation speach is very cool, he speached in Japanese in Japan and in Chinese in China, it's very delightful for person of each countries. (I think in Japan, if you only say "Kon-nichi-wa" in the beginning of your speach, we'll feel very happy:-))
Kaj has very widely hobbies so I think he can talk about every themes. It means he can talk with everyone! It's the most strength point for the relationship with the community! I had always received the stimulus in his attitude. I always hope I'll be like him.

Kaj, even if you quit MySQL AB(named "Oracle"), Japanese community will still the part of YOUR community. We welcome to your visit to our community. When you'll come to Japan, please contact us and please meet with people of MySQL community in Japan with beer:-).

Thank you long time! Hope see you soon:-) and best wishes for your new job!